The 55-foot yacht "Splendour," belonging to actor Robert Wagner and his wife, actress 
Natalie Wood, sits in the waters off Catalina (photo by Harrington, AP)


by Taylor Roberts 

Boats swell and slap against their wooden docks
Only a cool breeze caught
In the pretty sails off Catalina
The luff-puff billows

Our island sails – the boats stand still
Our anchor’s in the sky
Where is the girl?

Boats knock about their sleeves in their long sheathes
Off Catalina

Drown for us child, feet off the grass
Shake loose your mama
Splendour’s at the mast
How it towers and swoons like a palm,
Sways like a gypsy

Clack! Stack the Russian dolls
Smack the Splendour
Splash the bottle
Scream the darkness
Where is the girl?
Where is the siren?

[©Taylor Roberts 2012]

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